Skin Purging Vs. Breaking Out

Have you ever been sold on a new skincare product promising to make you look 10 years younger just to find a handful of new face intruders within the first week of using it? It's devastating. I know...
Well, maybe you shouldn't have been so quick to judge. Sometimes these "breakouts' are a good thing...
Yep, sometimes this means your new serum is actually working as intended, and you were only a week or two away from beautiful, glowing skin. This is what we in the biz like to call skin purging. But sometimes it means that your skin is just not having it and is reacting in a terrible, cynical, life-altering way. AKA: an adverse reaction or breakout.

The Difference Between Breaking Out and Purging

Throughout the day, our pores can become clogged with a myriad of dead skin cells, excess oils, dirt, debris, and eventually bacteria as this nasty cocktail brews in the pore long enough. But our skin doesn't exactly appreciate these intruders, so what does it do?

That's right! Your skin goes through its natural process of regeneration to expel all the bad stuff and make way for the new, pretty skin. This process typically takes up to 8 weeks, if your skin is a sole proprietorship.

Now that you have introduced this new witch potion into the mix, the ingredients have decided to help your skin in foreign policy and deadline management. So, what skin purging is, is your skin and taking in all this new product has to offer and to detox your pores at an accelerated rate. Essentially, purging all the dead skin cells, excess oils, dirt, and debris that was already lying under the surface that was going to come out anyway. Eventually, leaving you with healthy, glowing skin at the end of it.

How to Know If You're Breaking Out or Purging

Well, we have to look at a few different factors here. Luckily, I just so happen to have a handy, dandy little info-graphic.

Bottom Line...

New Regenerative Product → Painless Pimples → Gone With the Wind → Beautiful Skin = Skin Purge.


New (Non) Regenerative Product → Newly Located Painful Pimples → Never Gonna Give You Up = Breakout.


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