Our Philosophy

We know all too well that achieving 'perfect' skin is a moving goal post. With the advancement of technology and the sheer number of product options out there, we learned it's not about having the latest skincare, it's about having the right skincare

That's how Oliver Bailey Skin Co. has taken luxury handcrafted skincare to the next level.

We believe that each individual woman should have a platform where she can connect and educate herself on what truly works for her and have a brand that cares enough about her skin to prioritize cleanhigh-quality ingredients so she can playexperiment, and have fun with her skincare again (without having to worry about adverse effects).

Hand-selected to address skin concerns ranging from large pores, rough texture, fine lines, excess sebum, and dry flaky skin, proven to prevent irritation while providing visible results.

Formulated without toxic ingredients including parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, triclosan, synthetic fragrance, siloxanes, SLES, SLS, ALS, PEGs, or Petrolatum.

Created with gentle, low pH ingredients, we can help you achieve complexion harmony. Whether it's controlling excess oil, keeping your skin hydrated, or aiding dry flaky skin.

Our Founders

We believe in the power of women. As modern-day women, we, too, have experienced all the guilt and shame associated with being driven by fear instead of inspiration. Starting at such a young age, we were indoctrinated into this belief that we must meet unrealistic beauty standards to have the right to feel desirable and confident, to the point that we started to turn on each other. We created Oliver Bailey to change that narrative.

We built something luxurious that empowers women to embrace their unique beauty. We have replaced overwhelm with education, and "I have no time" with "I can't wait to", for countless women, with proven ingredients and simple routines. We love hearing stories from our loyal Oliver Bailey following who were one step away from giving up and are now the most confident we've ever seen them. No one deserves to feel less than, but Everyone Deserves a Little Bit of Luxury™.